Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mothering in the Academy

After becoming a mother over a decade ago, I was thrilled to find a few titles (Mama, Ph.D., Parenting and Professing, and The Family Track: Keeping Your Faculties while you Mentor, Nurture, Teach, and Serve) addressing the complicated and often difficult relationship that mother-scholars have with higher education. The past year has seen a spurt of new additions to this literature. On my shelf right now, waiting for the end of the semester, I have Mothers in Academia and Professor Mommy. I recently finished Academic Motherhood: How Faculty Manage Work and Family and reviewed some of the salient points for Nursing Clio, here. Clearly, inroads have been made but little has been solved yet and there is much to be discussed.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Call for Papers: The Maternal Turn

Total Art Journal: Call for Papers
The Maternal Turn: Contemporary Performance and Maternal Aesthetics
Guest editors Myrel Chernick and Jennie Klein

What does it mean to perform maternity? What is a maternal aesthetic, and how might it be expressed through imagery and actions? For this issue of Total Art, we are seeking submissions on contemporary performances of the maternal. Inspired by Nicholas Bourriaud’s idea of relational aesthetics and Claire Bishop’s notion of the social turn in contemporary art, we are interested in work that engages others through relations that are affective and “maternal,” even when not performed by a mother for her biological child. Topics that are of particular interest to us include the following:

·         Maternity and collaboration
·         Maternity, collectivism and social relations
·         The historical performance of maternity.
·         The performance of maternity and the maternal body
·         The performance of biological and non-biological maternity, including non-normate maternity, adoptive mothers, infertility, and the performance of motherhood
·         The ethical implications of working with children
·         Mothers who collaborate with their children.
·         What it means to be a mother and an artist today

Submissions are due March 15, 2014. Please send submissions to guest.editor@totalartjournal.com

Balancing Act: Art, Family & other Distractions Panel at CAA 2014

This panel discussion is chaired By Niku Kashef and Micol Hebron at the College Art Association National Conference in Chicago on Febuary 14th 2014 from 12:30-2p.

The panel is held in ARTspace and is free and open to the public. If you are in the Chicago area, please join us for a lively discussion and other ARTspace programming. For more information, see all the ARTspace programs and schedule at: http://conference.collegeart.org/2014/schedule/artspace